1. Keep in mind that our hair is authentic hair from an actual donor, so it’s very important that you treat your hair extensions like it’s your very own hair.
  2. Although our hair has been sanitized, shampooed, and conditioned; we recommend that you shampoo your hair extensions before applying to your actual hair.
  3. Shampoo and condition your hair extensions at least once a week with alcohol free hair products, sulfate free shampoos, and conditioners.
  4. After washing & conditioning your hair extensions, allow to air dry before combing.
  5. Detangle your hair extensions by using a detangling brush or a wide tooth comb gently throughout your hair, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots.
  6. We recommend that you do not color/chemically treat your hair because since our hair is 100% Raw Indian hair, meaning that someone grew our hair; color/chemical weakens the hair. However if you do choose to color your hair, we advise that you seek a licensed beautician to color/chemically treat your hair.
  7. We recommend that your licensed beautician do a test strand on your hair to achieve the color that you desire, before proceeding to coloring/chemically treating your entire extensions.
  8. If you decide to color/chemically treat your hair, it is very important that you keep your hair moisturized to prevent breakage & shedding.
  9. Keep in mind the less heat and chemicals that you apply on your hair extensions, the longer the lifespan that you can expect from your hair.
  10. Before sleeping we advised that you pin curl or braid your hair up, & sleep with a satin scarf/bonnet to help eliminate/reduce shedding and tangling.
  11. We recommend that you use a weft sealer on your hair extension track before wearing your hair, to give your extensions an additional sealant. This will help to keep shedding at a minimal.
  12. We recommend that you do not cut your extensions track. Cutting your extension track will open a gap for your hair to start shedding.
  13. Keep in mind that all hair sheds no matter if it is extensions, or even your own hair. With our hair you will find minimal shedding, which is why our goal is to continue to keep shedding to a minimal.