Virgin international hair is a company based in Houston, TX. We specialized in selling 100% Raw Indian Temple Hair. Growing up in the 90’s my mother owned a salon, so I was blessed that I was able to witness the many styles that you can do with hair & hair extensions overall. What I grew fond of was that it was not just the hair itself but the quality of hair that is used to achieve a certain look. I mean you can purchase any hair to have install but if the quality of the hair is not right, not only have you just wasted your money on both getting your hair done and with the hair purchase itself, but the hair will not have a long life span. Learning over the years that the quality of the hair is what makes the hair standout, I didn’t want to sell my customers the same hair on the market that everyone is selling but instead I wanted to sell my customers quality hair. Anyone can say that they are selling a certain ethic group of hair, but if you do not have a direct hands on with what you are selling; then how do you really know what your customers are getting and what you are selling? Knowing all of this, I was motivated to set my journey to India; where the quality of hair extensions originates from.

Our Story


OUR HAIR QUALITY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, SO STOP BY TODAY AT VIRGIN INTERNATIONAL HAIR (ViH) 2575 South Dairy Ashford Rd Suite D Houston, TX 77077 or give us a call 832-328-7381. Check us out and let us be #Your1StopIndianTempleHair #WeAreBringingHollywoodHairToHouston

 Virgin International Hair (VIH) started off online but due to our increasing demand, we have decided to take it live. We are the only company in Texas that actually works directly with the Indian temples and churches. There's #NoMiddleManPrice so you save big! We do travel to India regularly to provide you with the best hair on the market. Our hair wefts are longer/fuller/thicker (5 feet long to be exact), so you only need 2 bundles to complete your look. We don’t sell any hair from China, & no graded hair is sold with our company. All of our hair has been grown from a person directly from India, so we only sell 100% Raw Indian temple hair. #OurHairQualitySpeaksForItself, so trust me you won't be disappointed! Indian hair has gained its popular reputation for being one of the best quality hairs in the market as of today. We believe in quality hair, which is why we travel to various cities throughout the country of India regularly. While in India we have developed some one on one relationships with our buyers directly from various Indian temples and church’s. Our Indian hair have all been selectively hand-picked from various Indian temples and church’s. Once we collect the hair, we then have the hair sanitize, shampooed, conditioned, and then machine doubled wefted on the hair track to have it imported to the states. Our hair cuticles are all facing the same direction, machine doubled wefted, with a double sealant added onto the tract to give the hair tract that extra security to reduce shedding and tangling. Our hair quality speaks for itself, so stop by today at Virgin International Hair (VIH) 2575 South Dairy Ashford Rd Suite D Houston, TX 77077 or give us a call 832-328-7381. Check us out and let us be #Your1StopIndianTempleHair #WeAreBringingHollywoodHairToHouston